Meet our Vendors II


Susan Edwards is a hoop dancer  and has these awesome custom designed hula hoops.Today when I met her I could not resist to by one of her hoops because I love this way of staying fit. We talked and she came on board as an entertainer for the Christmas Market in Huntington Beach.

hula hoops
Susan began hooping in 2001 when she saw her first hoop dancer at a music festival. Since then she has become a hoop dance performer, hoop dance instructor and hula hoop maker.

When she first began making hoops, it was only for herself and a few close friends. Soon more and more friends were requesting hula hoops, then friends of friends, and so on. Now Sue is hooked and enjoys making the hula hoops almost as much as she is enjoying actually hooping!

Hoopfreak hoops are colorful, you can get all kinds kinds of colors and can even get your hoop customized.

As a hoop dancer she performs with the fire hoops, light up hoops, and the custom designed hula hoops that you can purchase on our holiday Market in December and also online on her website.
Sue has hoop danced across the United States with the Lollapalooza tour, and performed at many different festivals and events; she performs at private parties, children’s birthday parties, fundraisers, parades and more.

As an instructor she is teaching all ages and all levels of hula hoop dance classes and “hoop fit” exercise classes.

Meet Sue at our Christmas Marget in the Old World Village and find out how Hula Hoop can change your life!
hula hoop w hearts

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