Frozen Yoghurt is Popular

Welcome our latest vendor We Heart Froyo with frozen yoghurt specialties.

we heart froyo

This is their story:
Last year, co-owners Salonn and Leroy felt there was a need for better snacking when it came to celebrating birthdays, graduations, receptions and just about any get-together. One can only have cake and ice-cream for so long before the decision to become healthier is made. The idea came when one scorching summer day, on the way to a childrens birthday party, they decided to stop and cool down with a cup of frozen yogurt. As they dug into their delicious creations it dawned on them. Why cant we enjoy this at the party?  How awesome would it be to serve frozen yogurt at a party or any event?… So it began.

We Heart Froyo is a new frozen yogurt truck ready to bring delicious frozen desserts to you and yours. Our beautiful baby-blue  truck carries two flavors of yogurt goodness and is loaded with tasty goodies to top it off with. From blueberries to popping bobas, and coconut flakes to chocolate covered waffle bits, there’s bound to be a combination you’ll enjoy. Not only do they serve creamy frozen yogurt, they also have amazing Try the Dreamy Orangecream float! Imagine a tall glass generously filled with vanilla frozen yogurt, swimming in a pool of orange soda bliss, finished off with a swirl of whip cream and a cherry on top. Tastes just like an orangecicle.

We Heart Froyo. Do you?
frozen yoghurt

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