Press Release 2013 Christmas

German Holiday & Christmas Market
Old World Village – Huntington Beach – 
7561 Center Dr –  CA 92647

Glendale, California (October 11, 2013) Check off your holiday shopping list at the German Christmas & Holiday Market in Huntington Beach at the beautiful Old World Village on Dec 8, 2013 from 10-6pm.
 BluCatsEvents together with the Old World Village is happy to host this seasonal holiday market for up to 50 of artisans showcasing their hand made and unique products. 

And what about the Food? You will not get the normal fair and market food at this market.

Enjoy original European and German specialties like Bratwurst, Curry-Wurst, Potato pancakes, Lentil Soup, Goulash, original German Cookies and Pastries, hot chocolate, coffee and tea, Kinderpunch, and the famous “Gluhwein” (red mulled wine), and German beer and wine. The popular food truck FamousGermanBratwurst will take care of some food specialties, and of course the Old World Restaurant.

Our Exhibitors are artisans and artists from OC and LA that are specialized in hand crafted “made in USA “ items at affordable prices.
 There will be a raffle drawing which includes the chance to win great prices donated by the vendors and local Old World stores.

 The Children will be more than happy because they can have a photo with Santa taken, craft a Christmas ornament for the Christmas tree at home, or get a face painting.  We are having an extra kids craft corner.

The festive holiday-themed atmosphere in the Old World Village makes exploring the array of exhibits an exciting discovery of beautiful jewelry, blown glass, ceramics, hand woven clothing, photography, candles, wood carvings, garden designs, antique treasures, children’s accessories and clothes, holiday cards and ornaments, and more. Patrons appreciate the opportunity to interact with the artists, get items personalized, or even learn some helpful tips through crafting demonstrations.

“You can’t help but get in the holiday spirit the moment you walk into the Old World Village – with holiday decorations, interactive activities, entertainment, and a wide variety of artistry on display,” says Gabriele Utz, German Christmas & Holiday Market Manager and Founder of BluCatsEvents.
“Gift items are all originals, created by artists who love sharing their passion. You will love this market for sure and want to come back next year!”
This event is the beginning of a new series of markets and events that BluCatsEvents  will be creating in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. These Events will have good food, cultural and fancy entertainment and arts& crafts. There will be Events with different themes and locations that will be revealed just before the event. The best is what you can do is to get on that list. Once you on it, you won’t want to be removed.

Tickets:  FREE ENTRY
When: December 8, 2013
Where: Old World Village 7561 Center Dr Huntington Beach CA 92647
Hours: Sun 10 am – 6pm

christmas market flyer

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Colorful Carved Wood by Sergio

hand painted carved animals

The colorful and artistic hand carved animal creatures by Sergio Aragon Ramirez, who  was born in Mexico in a town named Arrazola Xoxo Oaxaca, are just beautiful! The vibrant colors are eye catching. They are more than decoration, they are a piece of art.
Sergio started working with wood carving when he was 11 years old, and with the help of his  older brothers Ramiro and Antonio. in 2003 he left the home town and he arrived in California.
He never gave up his love for wood carving and that’s why he started to sell his wooden animals on fairs and festivals in Southern California such as the ones in the Old World Village in Huntington Beach. Visit Sergio on our markets and festivals!

wooden animals hand painted

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Frozen Yoghurt is Popular

Welcome our latest vendor We Heart Froyo with frozen yoghurt specialties.

we heart froyo

This is their story:
Last year, co-owners Salonn and Leroy felt there was a need for better snacking when it came to celebrating birthdays, graduations, receptions and just about any get-together. One can only have cake and ice-cream for so long before the decision to become healthier is made. The idea came when one scorching summer day, on the way to a childrens birthday party, they decided to stop and cool down with a cup of frozen yogurt. As they dug into their delicious creations it dawned on them. Why cant we enjoy this at the party?  How awesome would it be to serve frozen yogurt at a party or any event?… So it began.

We Heart Froyo is a new frozen yogurt truck ready to bring delicious frozen desserts to you and yours. Our beautiful baby-blue  truck carries two flavors of yogurt goodness and is loaded with tasty goodies to top it off with. From blueberries to popping bobas, and coconut flakes to chocolate covered waffle bits, there’s bound to be a combination you’ll enjoy. Not only do they serve creamy frozen yogurt, they also have amazing Try the Dreamy Orangecream float! Imagine a tall glass generously filled with vanilla frozen yogurt, swimming in a pool of orange soda bliss, finished off with a swirl of whip cream and a cherry on top. Tastes just like an orangecicle.

We Heart Froyo. Do you?
frozen yoghurt

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Christmas Food: Leberkase and Potato Salad

Leberkäse is a very famous dish especially in the South of Germany. It is made out of pork and veal, is baked like a loaf and people enjoy it war, fried or as cold cut.
I like it the best fried with fried onions and potato salad.
It is also a great snack as a sandwich, just place  a thicker slice into a bun add mustard and done! Especially warm and with a fresh bun – that’s unbeatable!

We serve Leberkase at the Christmas Market on Dec 8 in Huntington Beach. Come by and enjoy and celebrate with us the German Christmas tradition.

leberkase and potato salad
Recipe for potato salad on

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Christmas Food Red Cabbage

One of the most popular side dishes is Red Cabbage – it is slightly sweet sour and tastes the best when warmed up twice! We serve it at our Christmas Market in Huntington Beach on Dec 8. Be there and enjoy the good German food and find Christmas gifts from our arts and crafts vendors!

red cabbage german side dish

Here is the Recipe from

German Red Cabbage or in German “Rotkohl” (some say also Blaukraut)  is a great side dish;  it goes very well with German beef Rouladen and mashed potatoes which is a very traditional combination. You can find German red cabbage on every festive menu, in every good restaurant and as part of a holiday lunch or diner. It is also is the perfect winter dish, and it tastes even better when reheated the next day, without losing the good taste. Try it out and if you really don’t have too much time, you can buy it in the jar and just heat it up. Add a bit of red wine and it is ready. Guten Appetit!

Ingredients German Red Cabbage
» 1 kg red cabbage
» 1-2 tbsp clarified butter (find more information about clarified butter here) – if you like you also can use lard
» 1 onion
» 1 apple
» 1 tbsp sugar (or less)
» 3 tbsp red wine vinegar
» 3 tbsp red wine
» salt, 1 bay leave, 1 clove
» 250 ml hot water

Cooking Instructions German Red Cabbage
– Remove outside leaves, cut it in quarters and remove the stalk.
– grate or cut it in fine stripes
– peel onion and chop it
– peel apple and cut it into cubes
– in a bigger pot heat the clarified butter
– add onions and apples, then add red cabbage; bring it to a boil, then reduce heat
– add vinegar, red wine, and spices
– fill up with water and let it cook for at least 1 hour

Red cabbage tastes even better the next day. You can make it the evening before and have it cook for another 15 minutes the next day before you want to serve it. Some say it even tastes better when reheated twice – I agree it does!

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Meet our Vendors II


Susan Edwards is a hoop dancer  and has these awesome custom designed hula hoops.Today when I met her I could not resist to by one of her hoops because I love this way of staying fit. We talked and she came on board as an entertainer for the Christmas Market in Huntington Beach.

hula hoops
Susan began hooping in 2001 when she saw her first hoop dancer at a music festival. Since then she has become a hoop dance performer, hoop dance instructor and hula hoop maker.

When she first began making hoops, it was only for herself and a few close friends. Soon more and more friends were requesting hula hoops, then friends of friends, and so on. Now Sue is hooked and enjoys making the hula hoops almost as much as she is enjoying actually hooping!

Hoopfreak hoops are colorful, you can get all kinds kinds of colors and can even get your hoop customized.

As a hoop dancer she performs with the fire hoops, light up hoops, and the custom designed hula hoops that you can purchase on our holiday Market in December and also online on her website.
Sue has hoop danced across the United States with the Lollapalooza tour, and performed at many different festivals and events; she performs at private parties, children’s birthday parties, fundraisers, parades and more.

As an instructor she is teaching all ages and all levels of hula hoop dance classes and “hoop fit” exercise classes.

Meet Sue at our Christmas Marget in the Old World Village and find out how Hula Hoop can change your life!
hula hoop w hearts

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Meet Our Holiday Market Vendors I

The Holiday season, especially Christmas, is the time to of good food and gifts. I can remember very well that the gifts were the most important part of Christmas in my childhood. How was it for you?
Now I am having the opportunity to present the products of excellent artisans and crafters on December 8 at the charming European Old World Village.

In this article I want feature two of our Christmas Market vendors. Their products are unusual and of high quality.

Out of the Woods

Darrell Janssen, founder of Out of the Woods, always loved wood carving and he decided to show his beautifully carved products to a wider public in 1997.
hawk wood carvingIn 2001, Darrell was selected as a juried member of the Illinois Artisans Program and his work was exhibited among their various Illinois locations. His work has also been featured at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa. To date, he has designed more than thirty crosses ranging from 2 inches to 8 feet in length, some of which have been featured in Woodcarving Illustrated.

Originally from the Midwest, Darrell and his wife, Sara, now live in Southern California where he is a member of the Smoky Hollow Carvers and the California Carvers Guild. Darrell continues to evolve his method and designs to include other natural subjects and also accepts commission assignments upon request.

Instruments Of Alchemy

A new line of artisan-crafted alchemical & metaphysical tools from covenant instruments of Alchemy is featuring artisan-crafted alchemical soaps formulated with natural botanicals, luxury oils, world-class salts & vegan butters; and intricately detailed to vanilla cream soapcapture the beauty and magic of Nature and the Elements.
The soaps does not only clean, it nourishes and repairs the skin which is our largest organ. Skin “eats” by absorbing up to 60% of substances applied to its surface through a process called trans-demic penetration, and desires nutrition that coincides with the increasing consciousness and realities it experiences. In order to age gracefully, contract and expand properly, skin requires nurturing food and supplements appropriate to what it is enduring at different times, elements, environments and seasons.
The Wisdom to repair, preserve and sustain this vital organ is hidden from us by the Modern World. The soaps of Instruments of Alchemy are handling this.

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The Christmas Pickle – What is it?

german christmas pickle
Let’s talk about an “NOT-German” but somehow “It must be German” Christmas tradition, the story of the Christmas pickle. Today I heard the first time about it and I am as German as it can get. But my opinion might not count, so I decided to reveal that myth or legend about that holy German Christmas pickle, in the hope that someone will read this.
I did my research and found out that it is a German tradition. Great. A tradition I never heard about? I thought maybe it is an Eastern or Northern Christmas thingy, but something did not feel right about that cucumber.
What is the German Christmas Pickle or Weihnachtsgurke (horrible word)? A Christmas ornament that looks like a pickle is hidden in the Christmas tree, and the first child that finds that green pickle on Christmas morning gets an extra gift or it also means good fortune, Glueck! Okay. Sounds like a Chinese tradition to me.

There is a city in Michigan, Berrien Springs, that is to be known as the “pickle capitol of the world”. They hold a pickle festival in early December and even have a pickle parade – well they have cucumber plantations and selling pickles is their business, so what does this have to with Christmas? Nothing. With Germany? Nothing.
Now it gets interesting. Americans believe that this comes from Germany and some even say that the origin of the Christmas pickle may have been developed for marketing purposes in the 1890s to coincide with the importation of glass Christmas tree decorations from Germany were the first company to import these types of decorations into the United States in 1890,and glass blown decorative vegetables were imported from France from 1892 onwards. That is very nice. Why is it not France that supposedly has created this tradition? No, still it is Germany. The best story that proves it is a German invention is the following one:

One suggested origin has been that the tradition came from Camp Sumter during the American Civil War. The Bavarian-born Private John C. Lower had enlisted in the 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry, but was captured in April 1864 and taken to the prison camp. As the story is told, on Christmas Eve he begged a guard for a pickle whilst starving. The guard provided the pickle, which Lower later credited for saving his life. After returning to his family, he began a tradition of hiding a pickle on their Christmas tree each year.

To make it clear I asked the Germans on the Facebook page of about that German Christmas Pickle myth. True or False? There are more than 60 comments and they all say No, it is not German.

Check out the comments and see that the German Christmas Pickle tradition is something we Germans don’t have to be proud of. Or maybe we should!

(12) One Dozen Hand Blown Glass Pickle Christmas Tree Ornaments for Good Luck Trim-A-Tree Stocking Stuffer or Gift Giving

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The Adventszeit in Germany

There are many German Christmas traditions. One of them are the 4 weeks before Christmas which is called the Adventszeit.
Main attraction is the Adventskranz or Advent wreath
. It is made out of fir and/or pine branches and is decorated with 4 candles that are symbolizing the 4 weeks before Christmas.
The tradition is to light one candle each Sunday before Christmas.
Then finally the Christmas tree lights are illuminating the room. In Germany you don’t light the Christmas tree before Christmas. It is been set up on Dec 24th, the day before Christmas.

german christmas traditions

In 1839 the Protestant Theologist Johann Hinrich Wichern started the tradition and within 100 years the wreath was also found in catholic regions.
Following the legend Johann Wichern helped the poor children in Hamburg, and moved with them into an old farm house called “Rauhes Haus”, and took care of them. Because the children were always asking when is Christmas, he built a wreath in using an old wheel where 20 white and 4 red candles where placed. Every day of the 24 days one candle was lit so the children would be able to count the days.
This special advent wreath hangs in the Saint Michaelis Church in Hamburg and in the Rauhes Haus. The traditional advent wreath developed into the wreath with 4 candles and from about 1860 the wreath is made out of pine branches. 1925 the wreath was used the first time in a catholic church.

It is been said that the Advent wreath was existing before Johannes Wichern started it. This theses is based on a poem of Hermann Claudius named “Lied im Advent” (song in the Advent) who lived from 1878 to 1980.

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Germany’s Christmas Markets Videos

Germany has the most beautiful Christmas Markets. I put together a little collection of German Christmas Markets Videos that you will love. Find out about how Germany really is. It is not what you might think. It can be very modern but also very traditional. It is a combination of both and this makes it unique. Old World charm combined with contemporary features. German Christmas Markets are in almost every big or smaller city of Germany. There are markets in Castles like the famous one at the Hohenzollern Castle in Hechingen or the castle Thurn and Taxis.
Find hand crafted Christmas ornaments like the Erzgebirge pyramid or the Herrenhuter Star. Find different kinds of Lebkuchen and home made cookies; honey candles and Gluehwein mugs.
Enjoy the good German food like Bratwurst, local specialties and Gluehwein or Feuerzangen Bowle. That’s how Germany is – More than what you might think.

german christmas markets videos

German Christmas Markets: Berlin

German Christmas Markets: Heidelberg

German Christmas Markets: Siegen

German Christmas Markets: Nuernberg

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